Baby Driver is about a young man who works as a getaway driver for robbers when he suddenly falls in love and struggles to get out of the business.

Going into this movie, I didn’t know what to expect save for high-octane driving, good acting, and a decent love story. Director Edgar Wright delivered on all of that and so much more. Baby Driver is easily the best action film of the year so far, outside of a certain superhero movie.

Something rarely seen in any movie are great performances from each and every actor and actress. Ansel Elgort (Baby) is at the height of his power as one of the best young actors of the year. Lily James as Debora, Baby’s love interest, shines with elegance. Kevin Spacey as Doc, the kingpin of the rotating crew that Baby drives for, is menacing and charismatic. Seriously, when does Kevin Spacey ever fail, unless it’s Nine Lives? Oh, you don’t know what that is? Good. Even when Jon Bernthal doesn’t have that much screen time (only the first couple of scenes), he owns every second of it and gives it his all. Wright and casting director Francine Maisler could not have cast this film any better.

The cinematography and the vehicle choreography redefines what it means to experience a cinematic car chase. The sequences and stunt work alone are pulse-pounding fun, and you can tell what is going on in each frame of all the chases. There is very limited use of shaky cam, making the scenes a lot less jarring and allowing the audience to enjoy them that much more. It’s very distracting when films like the Bourne series or Fast & Furious make it look like the camera is having a seizure and you can’t focus on how the cars are moving or where they are going. Wright and cinematographer Bill Pope’s (The MatrixSpider-Man 2The Jungle Book) work on the pursuits and stunts is absolutely sublime and it deserves recognition.

The best protagonists are hit with so much misfortune from others and life in general and yet they are still good people; Harry Potter and Peter Parker are perhaps some of the best examples. Wright, also acting as the lone screenwriter, did an excellent job of showing Baby’s humanity. Despite losing his parents at a young age, being pushed around by some of the robbers, and being in life-threatening situations, Baby is still sympathetic to would-be victims. He could easily not care about the people the robbers threaten or those who get in his way on the road, but Baby does because he is kind-hearted. You can tell that he doesn’t enjoy working for criminals; all he wants is to look after his foster dad and be with Debora. An essential aspect of any film is the main character, and when you succeed in making the audience care about them, you want to see how their conflict plays out and if they survive it.

We have to talk about the soundtrack, because it is great! Not since the first Guardians of the Galaxy has a film had such great songs that you can tap your foot to as you sit in the auditorium. The album includes classics such as “Brighton Rock” by Queen, “Tequila” by Button Down Brass, and “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” by Barry White, just to name a few. With fun and catchy tracks like these, you’ll be humming and singing your favorite tunes from the film all the way from the time you get out of your seat to when you get to wherever you’re going next.

There is not a thing about Baby Driver that I didn’t like. It’s hard to imagine we’ll see many better films better this year. You and everyone you know who loves action movies and great movies in general should definitely go check it out soon.

Baby Driver gets an A+

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