Some studios just never learn from their mistakes.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the second and final film in Sony’s proposed Spider-Man cinematic universe and sees Peter Parker face Electro and the Green Goblin as he tries to protect Gwen from the dangers of his alter ego.

Sony does not know when to quit or take a step back and make a good, contained, entertaining movie. When they made The Amazing Spider-Man 2, they almost did just as bad as Spider-Man 3. Too many villains, subplots, and the worst script of the past five films all bog TASM2 down to be the second worst movie of the franchise and one of the worst superhero movies of the decade so far.

Electro (Jamie Foxx), Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), and Rhino (Paul Giamatti) are all the worst villains in any Spider-Man film. All of them could not be farther from the comic book versions. Electro, a.k.a. Max Dillon, was an electrician who got electrocuted and got lightning powers. He decided to use his powers for crime, of course, and he looked like a man, not some blue lightning freak. His obsession with Spider-Man does not fit the character from the comics at all, and is merely bad writing. They may have been going for the looks from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics for Goblin and Rhino, but they both ended up botched. The former looks laughably awful, and his fight with Spider-Man lasts far too short at only three, four minutes tops. Rhino is ridiculously over-the-top; Paul Giamatti acts like he belongs in a Saturday morning cartoon show, and cramming his return at the very end is such a slap to the face.

Jamie Foxx’s Electro is one of the worst comic book movie villains of all time. His motivation is pathetic, his acting subpar, his dialogue atrocious, his appearance stupid, his costume ridiculous, his origin nonsensical, his theme annoying, and the CGI used to create him messy. Everything that can be done wrong about a villain was done wrong when they casted, wrote, and directed Foxx.

Just like with Spider-Man 3, every scene is about a different subplot. For example, we’ll have a moment with Peter and Harry walking about, then Electro appears, and then we’re back to Peter and Gwen trying to work things out. Each scene alternates among the various subplots, which are as follows.

Peter and Gwen struggling with wanting to be together despite his promise to her father that he would stay away from her so she would be safe. Peter and Harry reuniting, and the latter pining the former to find Spider-Man. Harry’s Goblin sicknessSpider-Man vs. Electro. Peter trying to discover the truth of his parents. Gwen trying to get into Oxford. Oscorp board trying to get rid of Harry. That’s what, seven subplots? Good grief, Sony. Smaller, more focused movies are much better than one that tries to do too much.

Sony was more concerned with setting up The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and the Sinister Six movie than they were with making The Amazing Spider-Man 2 good. The entire last ten minutes are only in the film to set up those two. This is where everything falls apart and anyone who was still on board got off. The guy from the mid-credits scene in the last movie visits Harry in prison, and he walks past Doctor Octopus’s arms, the Vulture’s wings, and part of Rhino’s armor, blatantly shoving in easter eggs for Sinister Six. Furthermore, the way this movie ends is a big middle finger to the audience. They teased us with a cool shot of Spider-Man swinging a manhole cover at Rhino’s horn, and then it ends there! Even for a bad movie that you should be glad is over, it is infuriating to stop there! It’s even more insulting than in Godzilla when they kept ending scenes when he finally appeared! But yeah, they only did that because they thought they were going to get to make a third movie. Poor bastards.

This script is the worst of all the Spider-Man films. Frustrating lines such as “Right as rain,” “Welcome back to the bonus round,” “I figured it was time,” and so much more make it sound like the screenplay was written by an amateur. It really is no wonder because Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, who helped write Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Jeff Pinker, who got his first writing gig with this film, all collaborated on the script. That explains it.

As terrible as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is, the only reasons it isn’t worse than Spider-Man 3 are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Even though they got sucked into this mess, they still manage to bring good performances. Much like Margot Robbie and Will Smith in Suicide Squad, they carry the movie while everyone else is mediocre.

Hopefully, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the last Spider-Man film we’ll get that is overstuffed with too many villains, subplots, and exists more to set up future films than be good in its own right.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets a D

“I’m just really excited to be a fan again, as opposed to bearing the weight of it.”-Andrew Garfield on not playing Spider-Man anymore

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